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Online marketing; It is a combination of website, content marketing, seo, google ads, social media management and sponsored ads.

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We have listed our Digital Marketing specializations below. You can contact us and request an offer via the contact information at the end of the page.

Tips for You to Reach Your Marketing Aims

All components of online marketing should be managed in a planned and stable manner, in order to reach your sales targets.

Specializations such as web programming, web development, web design, content development, SEO, social media management, Google Ads, and social media advertising are components of online marketing, which is the most important area of digital marketing.

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Content Development

We only offer useful content to visitors for better user experience. Only our Turkish, English and Russian linguistics experts develop content.

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UI UX Development

We have developed special web design software. We develop themes that change not only in color but also in shape. The automatically changing website theme on sp

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Web Development

We developed website software with a lean software approach. Page speed is about 1 second on mobile. Expert Front-end development company. 100% SEO compatible w

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Online Marketing

Online marketing; It is the most important area of digital marketing. It covers topics that need to be managed consistently with web and content development.

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Planned and Consistent Presentation

A realistic and consistent plan should be made in line with sector and competitor analyses related to your products and services. It should be presented accurately and effectively why potential customers should prefer your products and services.

Fast and Modern Website

You should have a website that will reflect your own brand and style, showcase your products and services, and enable potential customers to get information about you and reach you. Users are in a hurry, namely, if you expect your website to take more than 3 seconds to load, you may be disappointed. 1 second on average, even on mobile around the world. We make fast-opening websites.

Steady and Conscious SEO

You should get regular and stable service from an expert SEO company so that your website gets better rankings in search engines, so it gets more views and more visits.

Effective Social Media Usage

Your social media visitors need to have a quick idea of your business and contact you effortlessly. There must also be a reason for visitors to interact. Developments, events, campaigns, announcements, etc. related to your region, industry, products, and services should be published. Your content should be discovered by users other than your followers, with the right hashtag usage. For accurate and effective results, you should get service from an expert social media management company.

Subsdiary Internet Advertising

Your website should be visible in searches that have not yet gained a ranking advantage with SEO studies. Also, to increase your brand awareness, you should run Google Ads ads regularly. For competitive and cost-effective Google ad management, you should seek the services of a company that specializes in Google advertising.

Assessment and Evaluation

You should use various tools and learn measurement and evaluation methods to measure the impact of what has been done and revise the plans if necessary.

It enables the planning, management, and evaluation processes to be managed more effectively, to transform the interaction of all online marketing components to the highest level of efficiency, and efficiency is maximized.

Our Difference

We create errorless, 100% SEO compatible, modern, and aesthetic websites with our special website software, we constantly improve our software with our R&D studies, and we manage processes with our qualified team, all of whom are experts in their fields.

Ask us for a quote for all-in-one cost-effective solutions.

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