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Online marketing; It is the most important area of digital marketing. It covers topics that need to be managed consistently with web and content development.

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The most important subjects of online marketing are listed below. These subjects are also related to our specialities. We only provide the subjects below to our customers that we made Websites or Landing Pages, connected to these publishings.

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Landing Page

Landing page or Marketing page; It is a target page specially prepared for a single topic. It is specially prepared to capture the potential customer.

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Google Ads

The most well-known Google Ads; Cost-per-click, where the user's search query and ad settings are matched and displayed in search results.

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SEO; It is all of the search engine optimization efforts to make your website appear in the top positions in searches related to your products and services.

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Social Media

Social media management; It covers the determination of social media platforms, opening of accounts, account optimization, sharing content, sharing periods.

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