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Every wonderful opening page consist of a basic group of element. We are likeminded that you have to use those elements as a guide when you create a content.

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Landing Page Anatomy

Landing Page Guide with Examples

You may not like to hear this… After all, is good marketing about finding ways to stand out from the crowd? Why would you lock yourself into a pre-existing landing page format? Won’t your content eventually become… cliche?

We got you but, there is an old byword in here:

Landing Page

Understanding the basic principles

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Result of understanding the basic principles

It turns out that almost all landing pages that convert well do so because they follow the basic principles.

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Whatever the variables

Their conversion aims, target audience, the price of what they offer, the type of the campaign they are conducting depend on the basic principles in any case.

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Ability of persuasion of the opening page

This is largely because the structure of a landing page is persuasive, and there are elements that help to persuade.

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Unique and clever optimisation

By sticking to the anatomy of the landing page, you make sure you convert. Next, optimizing…

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Social Evidence

Customer feedbacks

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Comments from customers

Social evidence is probably the strongest tool you have, but there are two best applications to keep in mind.

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Case studies

First of all, you cannot imitate! If the customers get aware of something, you will have a hard time getting them back.

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Video interviews

Be specific. Whenever possible, give them the who, what, when, why and how of your customer's experience.

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Landing Page

A summary so far

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Sales Offer

Have unique service offerings. "What makes this offer so special?" is the answer to the question. Don't get hung up on all the "unique" stuff.

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Image or Video

First impression are important. The ideal main image should show the context of use. It's much better to convey emotions using real people.

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Benefits of offer

Some require supporting statements beyond the title to convince. Key point, is to describe specific benefits along with features.

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Social Evidence

Simply, the social evidence is the influence of the people around us on the decisions we make. It is probably the most powerful tool at your disposal.

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Conversion Aim

An opening page should focus on only one conversion aim. You should not force the visitor to scroll up the page.

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